Readings to choose from

The “Higher self” Reading:
We all have a higher self, but what does your higher self want to communicate with you?

The “Other side” Reading:
Who would you like to connect with? Tell me and I’ll communicate with them and let you know what they have to say.

The “Past life” Reading:
Who were you in a past life? How does this past life connect with this current life?

The “Life purpose” reading:
What’s your souls purpose while in this carnation and are you doing it?

The “Well being” reading:
Which chakras need work and why?

The “Pet” reading:
Yes, you read that right! What’s going on in your pets mind? What does he or she have to say about you? What do they like and what don’t they like? Who were they in a past life? Don’t laugh lol, pets become family! You know your slightly intrigued! This reading includes 1 pet only.

“Create your own reading” reading:

Ask 3 questions you want answered. This can be about anything…

The “Love Readings” – choose one below:

1. Are you both a good match for one another? Will it work out long term? Does he or she have the best intentions for you? Is this your soulmate? Twin flame? Karmic relationship?

2. Is the person I’m seeing right now “the one?” Does he or she love me? Is he or she loyal? Or am I wasting my time?

The “Singles Readings” – choose one below:

1. Where will I find my soulmate? When will I find my soulmate? What will he or she be like?

2. Will me and my ex get back together? Is he or she good for me? What is he or she doing right now? Will he or she reach out to me?

3. Why’d I get ghosted? Did they ever have good intentions with me? Will they ever reach back out?