“I had to create a new lifestyle to romanticize about once I learned I was psychic…because what I thought was my journey, which was a very beautiful and dreamy place…I had to break free from because it turned out it wasn’t my journey after all …and you can’t keep what isn’t yours, no matter how comfortable it may feel.”

I am here to do what the divine has given me and this is to provide advice on various life experiences through my readings and services to whoever seeks it from me.

I work with guides that understand various life experiences and because of that, I’m able to give grounded advice. It’s not woo woo advice, it’s not super spiritual and it’s not deeply psychological – it’s practical and applicable. I work with guides who understand the dilemmas of the earthly soul, the earthly human, and they provide me with that knowledge.

I can help people not repeat karmic lessons.

I intuitively access this data from my spirit guide team, and because of this – I can give great advice and I can help people be braver or have experiences that will prevent them from having regrets when they pass on one day.

Outside of my psychic gifts, I enjoy time spent with my dog Kylo and cat Oceania in New York as well as traveling with friends.