I’m hoping my readings will help you in your life in some way wether that’s by giving you clarity or by giving you peace of mind or maybe even confirmation on what you already know to be true…who knows.

About me

Who I am and why I do what I do and how it came about:

My name is Sunny…and to put it simply, an amazing psychic told me I was psychic. I didn’t believe it at the time, but later on I realized I was picking and choosing what I wanted to believe from her reading. Almost like…when you ask for the truth and then you get the truth but it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, so we instinctively try to fight it in some way to sooth our ego…

I believed I had gifts because I have always thought that ever since I was a child, but being psychic was not one of them. Over time when I realized everything she told me about myself was true as well as the things she said would happen did- it was then that I realized it was my ego thinking for me…it was then that I played with the thought of “what if I am Psyhic?”


I then thought back to every wrong decision I ever made in life and wondered “if I were psychic how did I not know about X, Y and Z?!” I kept fighting the possibility of it with myself for months. It was almost as if I didn’t want to believe it, because to me…it was one thing to visit psychics and talk about them, but to be one?! “What will my friends and family think? Will they even believe me? I’m going to be considered “weird” and what if people don’t want to talk to me anymore because they think I’m telepathic?!” My mind was on overdrive, but it finally just got to a point where I decided to entertain the idea and to try some psychic exercises. And wouldn’t you know it? The psychic was right, I was psychic.

The first “download” (Random thoughts out of nowhere are messages from spirit) I got in regards to testing out my psychic abilities was to have an Oracle card turned over without ever seeing it, to see if I can “see” what’s on the other side through my mind via visions (shortly after seeing this psychic I began getting visions whereas before seeing her, I was only able to get visions through meditations).

I not only was able to see what was aesthetically on the Oracle card (Very similar to Tarot cards except these cards give a clearer interpretation) but I was able to see where this “message” stood true in my life by the visions I was getting…I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was me channeling and this is why I love to do what I do, let me explain.

A reading without channeling can get super confusing! When someone flips a card and tells you, that you got the “Innocence” card and your looking at the imagery on the card and see a little boy and a little girl looking up at the sun, how do you know where this holds true in your life?

Many of us, are just “living.” Some of us don’t have the time to sit back and reflect about our life, our decisions or if we’re on the right path or not. Are we genuinely happy or sorta kinda happy? Life is not meant to be lived in a “così così” (“so so” in Italian) kind of way. Life is meant to be lived in a “molto bello” way (“very beautiful” in Italian) that fits your soul best! We are all different and we are all special, there is no one out there like you! Not even if they tried!  So does your life match your soul? Because it should.

Most of us are just living day by day and not really questioning how it is we feel…but with a reading, it can help you identify those “little” feelings you do feel and give you a clearer understanding as to what’s really going on with you. Are you really happy? Are you on the right path? Are you accomplishing what it is your soul is here to do? What is your souls purpose?

Life is complex, we could all use some guidance…this is where channeling tarot and oracle cards during a reading comes through for you!

I can send you messages from spirit that you need to hear…or you can choose specific questions that you want answered.Whatever it is that brings you to me, I want to help you find the answers…and provide you a little imagery as a bonus! Yes…imagery. I can provide you visions energetically but only if you are open to it. It’s one of my many gifts! I can share with you what I see during your visions. Yes you read that correctly! Some people are even able to feel things and others are able to hear things!

All you need is a quiet place to listen to your reading which I send via YouTube; close your eyes, take a deep breath in and a deep breath out and let the magic begin!

A personal disclaimer; you must be open to this in order for it to work. You must believe that you are capable of getting visions. It works just like the Law of Attraction, it only works if you are truly open to it. You must give this time as everyone varies in regards to when the visions start coming in. Some people get them right away and others take several minutes. Give it time to come in and don’t give up.

You do not have to see visions if you choose not to! That’s ok! Just don’t close your eyes during your personal reading haha! The visions are just for fun! Getting visions will help you because the message will resonate with you on a deeper level. You may even have dreams about it, but please understand that the visions to your readings are just an added bonus.

All I want to do is provide insight and more thought into your life and at an affordable price. I’m hoping my readings will help you in your life in some way wether that’s by giving you clarity or by giving you peace of mind or maybe even confirmation on what you already know to be true…who knows.

Sending you love & light,