Through the dysfunction there’s function!!!

We are healing and we are dealing!!!

Believe in the unbelievable!!!

**You must read my disclaimers which are at the very bottom of this page before purchasing any of my readings or services**

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If YES, then you should book a reading with me! My services and readings can be found below.

Make sure to check out my portfolio in the link below FIRST before purchasing one of my services, this way you can see if I’m the right fit for you, as my messages from spirit come through abstract intentionally for introspection.

If you are looking for your typical straightforward psychic reading, this is not something I can provide for you. My readings consist of esoteric and spiritual guidance to help your soul ascend along with psychic information provided.

This is where I channel a mix of tarot and oracle cards and get messages from spirit. I record this and send you a link to your private video within 10-15 days.

Akashic records reading: $60 (45 minutes)
Who were you in past lives? How do these past lives connect with this current life? This includes starseed origins as well.

The “Life purpose” reading: $60 (45 minutes)
What’s your souls purpose while in this incarnation and are you doing it?

Inner child healing reading: $60 (45 minutes)
What needs to be healed from childhood that holds you back today?

Career reading: $60 (45 minutes)
What would you be good at but also feel passionately about?

The “Higher self” reading: $60 (45 minutes)
We all have a higher self, but what does your higher self want to communicate with you?

Create your own reading: $60 (45 minutes)
In this reading, you can send me 5 questions you want answered. This can be about anything…or if you see one of my readings you like but want to take your own spin on it, I’m open to it, as long as it’s consistent with the 45 minute duration. If I feel like your changes to my readings will exceed the 45 minute duration, I will communicate this with you first and we will then go over a new price.

Psychic Astrology:
This is where I channel messages from spirit based off the chart I am looking at for whichever reading you choose below. I record this and send you a link to your private video. These readings can take anywhere from 10-15 days to send back as they are extremely detailed and because of this take time.

Natal Chart: $120 (1 hour)
Have you ever been curious enough to ask yourself ‘why am I here? Why do I exist? What is this all for? What is my purpose?’ Then this is for you! In this reading we will focus on understanding the blueprint of who you are. What does your soul long for in a partner? In a soul tribe? How does your soul want to make money? What was your family life like growing up and why? What are your dreams and deepest desires?We take a look at the position of the planets on the exact day, time, and location you were born. By doing this, we will better understand your soul mission, karmic lessons and what experiences your higher self has set out for you and wants you to go through in order to evolve. Speaking briefly of your past lives will come into this reading, as they are connected with your soul purpose today. *This is not a reading to find out the timing of events; marriage, career, etc. This is a reading to figure out why you decided to reincarnate in this life and while being here, what is it your soul wants you to experience for yourself as well as with people and life.

Progressed Chart: $120 (1 hour)
In this reading we will go over where your soul is currently at in its souls evolution and what soul lessons you are currently going through and what you can expect to happen due to these energies within a1-2 year time frame.

Solar Return Chart: $120 (1 hour)
In this reading we will go over what you can expect to experience for the year ahead, starting from the day of your birthday up until your following birthday the next year.

Synastry/Midpoint Composite Chart: $200 (1.5-2 hours)
In this juicy reading, wether it be for a potential romantic partner, current spouse, friend or family member, we will go over two charts to help you better understand your relationship with this person and why it is the way it is or to even possibly heal a connection with someone.

You will learn why you and another person have the chemistry (or no chemistry) that you do. We will briefly channel karmic/soul contracts, past lives and soul lessons and how they connect to this life – through astrology while at the same time looking at two different charts; your chart and the other person.

In the first part of this reading, we will go over the first chart (synastry chart) and by doing so we will be able to see how this person “comes across” to you in your life and why – and vice versa.

In the second part of this reading, we will then review the second chart (midpoint composite chart), where we blend both natal charts together by calculating the midpoint between both planets. In this chart you will be able to see how your relationship or connection is (whatever the dynamic may be) as well as the potential! Also, is it karmic? Soul mate?

Overall, we will go over how you and this persons relationship/connection will come across in public and how it is in private. We will discuss possible potentials, how this relationship/connection can manifest and the soul purpose/life lessons.

If needed- we will go over remedies if necessary in order to heal relationships/connections however, some are extremely karmic and can be very difficult and aren’t so simple to solve. For some, I may have ways for you to heal from the relationship but not necessarily be able to heal the connection itself.

Required: I need your exact day, time, and location you were born in order to do any of these astrological readings for you. If purchasing a synastry/midpoint composite reading, the same applies for the second person you are inquiring about.

This is where I channel a mix of tarot and oracle cards and get messages from spirit. I record this and send you a link to your private video within 10-15 days.

Mediumship: $100 (45 minutes – 1 hour)
This is where I speak to passed away loved ones to see what messages they have for you. Who would you like me to connect with? Tell me and I’ll communicate with them and I’ll channel tarot and oracle cards telling you what they have to say.

Dream interpretations: $100 (45 minutes – 1 hour)
Having difficulty understanding your abstract dreams? Do you feel like your guides, archangels or passed away loved ones are trying to speak to you? What are they trying to tell you?

In this reading, I will be channeling the messages that are being sent to you through your dreams.

Energy check ins: $100 (45 minutes – 1 hour)
These readings are monthly “energy check ins” – this is where I channel your energy while pulling tarot and oracle cards to see where your energy is currently at, as well as what chakras need work on. The point to these check ins is – to get your divine feminine and divine masculine energy balanced and to keep it there through tips and tricks. The goal here is to get you to feel like a well rounded person if not all the time then most of the time!

The goal is to get your frequency high enough so you can manifest and attract the things you want out of life by being emotionally well grounded. My intention with these monthly check ins is to make you consciously aware of what needs work internally, this way you have the tools and knowledge to make the right choices for the month ahead to improve your energy.

**If you set up an automatic payment for these monthly check ins, I will take $15 off making this monthly reading $75 and will automatically have it delivered by the 3rd of each month by the latest, guaranteed. If there’s anything specific you want me to look into, I would need at least one weeks notice (7 business days) before the 1st of the following month.

Magic Readings (See it for yourself!):
These readings require live sessions over the phone via FaceTime, Skype, etc at an agreed upon appointment time. These readings require you to be in a quiet atmosphere.

These magic readings are specifically targeted towards healing and nothing more, so please do not ask me to change/alter these readings as they have been chosen for healing purposes.

What exactly is a magic reading? 

To put it simply…or not so simply…these types of readings can be looked at as an Akashic Records Initiation! If getting a past life magic reading, you will essentially be entering the Akashic Records library, yourself. And I will help take you there!

So come take a magic ride in this VR like stimulation except…it’s very much real. Meet your past self from a past life while visiting your past life, or maybe see a deceased loved one…or maybe channel your blue print to see what exactly you set out for yourself while reincarnating again…the possibilities are endless…so, are you in? Don’t worry, you get to come back out. And you are always welcome back with welcomed arms!

Check out my portfolio so you can get a better idea of what it is you may experience through my magic readings! In my portfolio, you can find videos where I explain what it is you can expect and not expect and how easy it really is! And also for those that still want to know “but how?!” watch the videos I post, where all your answers can be found!

Please note, these are highly psychological spiritual readings and because I am a psychic I can manifest tapping into your energy and activate you, and initiate you into a temporary visit to the Akashic Records…welcome.

Third eye activations: $200 in total (this includes 4 sessions, 1 hour per session)
Do you believe you have gifts that you don’t have access to? This is where I help assist you in activating your third eye so you have access to your psychic abilities. In these sessions, I can help you get better with your gifts over time. This service can be looked at as psychic lessons.

We will channel art, books, tarot, etc. You will be given exercises to do on your own everyday in between our sessions. If you are not consistent with the exercises, you will not get results. Results in general may vary and you may need to purchase more sessions as I cannot guarantee that you will be activated with 4 sessions as this is energy work and it varies depending on the client.

Third eye activation services must be live over the phone; FaceTime or Skype, etc. We must agree to a scheduled time and date that works for both parties. If you miss your appointment, I will send you back 50% of your deposit.

**If you are booking a third eye activation service, when messaging me, make sure to include 5 different days and times that work for you for our first session. I will let you know which 1 out of your 5 work for me. You must include at least one weekend. Mornings are highly encouraged. These readings require you to be in a quiet atmosphere.

Channel a past life of yours WITHOUT hypnosis:
$200 (1.5 hour done via FaceTime, Skype, etc)
In this session, I guide you out of the noise and into a deeply quiet and peaceful state where you can connect with your past life soul memories held in your subconscious mind. In this session we will have you see parts of your past life or get messages about your past life. You have to see it for yourself!

Mediumship – heal your relationship with a deceased loved one WITHOUT hypnosis:
$200 (1.5 hour done via FaceTime, Skype, etc)
This type of session is meant for those that have not healed from the death of a loved one in some kind of way; wether it’s because you didn’t have a good relationship with this person while they were here on Earth, or maybe you didn’t get to say goodbye? It would be nice to be able to put the guilt aside and to be able to move on, would it not?

In this reading, you will get to have a conversation with this deceased loved one in order to heal the relationship, despite being on the other side. Depending on the situation, we may see past memories that involve this person in order for you to heal an aspect of yourself that would help you heal from this relationship.

Your blueprint….(your Natal Chart) – heal your relationship with yourself WITHOUT hypnosis:
$200 (1.5 hour done via FaceTime, Skype, etc)
This type of session is meant for those that resonate with feeling like a LOST SOUL. Astrology has the potential to heal those who feel lost. Whether you’ve always been a lost soul or became one, knowing you aren’t alone or lost can help your soul. All we need is loving guidance, but sometimes that guidance without a choice has to come from us. In this session, we will go over what your higher self has set out for your soul to do while being here, and we will go over each house placement and each planet, including your North and South Node. I’m hoping with this magic reading, you feel connected to your path and what it is you want to achieve while here with everything; yourself, love, family and career. This will empower you to reach your ultimate performance goals and strongest self through your highest desires and motivation. Get ready to become your best self – in and out of this mystical reading! I will need your exact day, time, and location you were born.

Channel a Starseed Galactic Origins past life of yours WITHOUT hypnosis:
$200 (1.5 hour done via FaceTime, Skype, etc)
Do you believe you are a starseed? In this session, I guide you into a deeply quiet and peaceful state where you can connect with your past Starseed Galactic memories that are held in your subconscious mind. In this session we will have you see parts of your memories or yourself (whatever this may look like!) or messages about this life!

More magic readings to come…


Since you will not be under hypnosis, you will be in a mild meditative state by deep breathing techniques I’ve channeled from spirit to use specifically for this. The point to this is to balance out your energies in order to connect to deeper parts of your psyche so you can access past life memories.

These deep breathing techniques will calm your mind and will engage your body’s natural relaxation response which helps tranquilize the sympathetic nervous system.

I will ask you to close your eyes throughout this process in order to feel more relaxed and to – of course, be able to see things.

These look like deep breaths in with your lips closed, and deep breaths out with your lips as close together as possible but slightly opened.

You’ve probably done this before without even realizing it was breath work. The first step to your session is regulating your breath in order to get you into a meditative state.

It is up to you whether you want to sit up straight or lay down. Whatever is most comfortable for you! Most people sit up straight.

You will be sent a tutorial video before your magic reading once purchased.

This looks different for everyone, however, in our session, this is you feeling calm and relaxed, focusing on your deep breaths in and deep breaths out while simultaneously communicating to me what it is you’re seeing.

Yes, however this is the part where most people overthink it because they don’t know what to expect when it comes to “seeing things” and there seems to be this pressure or time constraint of feeling like something should be happening right away, however, this is not true because everyone’s session is different.

Some people see things right away, most people see things within 5 minutes and others closer to 15-20 minutes. Due to this, you may or may not randomly feel stressed out if nothing happens “right away” and that’s ok! I just need you to focus on your breathing and not so much on “when am I going to see something?”

If you can go into this reading with a mindset of leaving logic at the door…I promise you, the magic will happen! I just need you relaxed and to feel that you are in a safe space with no pressure at all. I do not want you going into this thinking “I won’t be able to see anything…”

This is why it’s called the magic reading.

Another common pattern clients tend to do is apply logic over intuition. For example, when you begin seeing things, you may wonder if you created that imagery, and begin second guessing what you saw or you may wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you or you may think you made the image up in your head – however, what I always ask everyone is “whatever it is that you saw…did you know you were going to see that?” The answer is always “no.” So therefor, your mind did not make that image up, you did not force anything and your mind isn’t playing tricks on you – this is how channeling works. However, logically whatever it is you saw, doesn’t make sense…so we feel uncomfortable and we try to make it make sense.

When we channel messages/visions from spirit, we begin feeling something we don’t understand sometimes along with seeing an image that correlates with that feeling and begin wondering “did I just make that up in my head?” The answer is no. This is just how it works. You will delay the process if you continue to try to apply logic in a session that does not require logic but more of intuition/emotion based- in order to get the most practical results from your session!

If you want to be logical, consider this – you are paying for a non tangible item for something that’s categorized as metaphysical…so logically it makes no sense not to apply only how you feel based off what it is your seeing versus trying to figure out why your mind may have created that image.

For these magic readings, I want you to try to be as comfortable as possible and feel absolutely no pressure and understand that I truly, and absolutely love what I do and I understand that everyone gets visions at different times.

I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable with this part or pressured because it takes away from your experience. Since this is not a hypnosis, you will be fully present and awake, your eyes will just be closed.

I want you to picture how you feel when you’re at a spa, this is how you will feel in a meditative state; calm and at peace and despite your eyes being closed – you are still awake.

I will walk and guide you through the whole process.

I will talk to you randomly throughout your session to ask you questions to see what it is you’re seeing so we can discuss it during the reading and afterwards.

The best way I can describe it is…when your eye lids close, new eye lids will open…

Picture your eye lids closed and a second layer of eye lids go on top of your current closed eye lids, except these new eye lids, slowly begin to open.

Ever wonder what psychics are seeing when they say they are “channeling” or “getting a vision?” This is a very similar experience if not the same.

You will begin to see things in your session which that I cannot tell you what you will see because this is energy work and each client and session is different.

You may see your visions in color or black and white; you may see archetypes of people instead of actual people, you may see symbolic things or real things, you may see people from past lives, you may see yourself, you may see animals, the list of possibilities is endless.

Some people do not see things but they hear things instead.

What I can tell you is, that throughout your session I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you and communicating with you, asking you questions about how you’re feeling and what it is you’re seeing, making sure your safe.

If you do see things that you feel uncomfortable discussing with me for whatever reason (maybe you understand a personal message from spirit) – I respect that and your privacy, however, I will not be able to fully help guide you without knowing what it is you’re seeing. If you tell me some of the things you saw and leave parts out, it may not make sense to me because something is being left out without my knowing. In hopes of providing you the best way I can, I need full transparency.

Yes. By booking one of my energy work services (third eye activations or magic readings) you must agree to allow me to post our session/reading online.

I want these readings to be chill and conversational no matter who you are. Being too serious in a reading is not my style and I notice the more comfortable you feel the more messages from spirit you get, and the more you’re able to do (walk around in a past life, talk to the deceased, trance channel, etc)

Magic readings are channeled readings that have intent behind them. There is a message from spirit you will be getting on any of the topics you may choose from; past life, healing a relationship with a passed away loved one, your blue print, your galactic past life, etc…however with my third eye activations, these are specifically targeted towards opening whatever gifts/abilities you may have…therefor this is not a reading and there will be no message for you from spirit. Third eye activations are to simply open your third eye or whatever abilities you may have.

Your experience may be different compared to other clients of mine because it’s energy work. I expect different results for different people. Energy work is not set in stone and it can never be, but with my ability (my gifts), you will be personally able to receive channeled messages and possibly due to this experience, moving forward with or without me you may be able to be an open channel to messages from the other side on your own through your dreams or you may be able to get visions.

Please check out my portfolio in order to see what other people have experienced:

*I cannot control the messages that come in from spirit, because of this you may get mixed messages about your current incarnation as well as your past incarnations. I will try my hardest to focus on messages from your past life incarnation, however you can expect a vision or get some type of message from the other side (or a strong feeling you just can’t explain or put into words or you may possibly hear something).

Energy work services (magic readings) must be live over the phone; FaceTime or Skype, etc. We must agree to a schedule time and date that works for both parties. If you miss your appointment, I will send you back 50% of your deposit. Our session will be recorded and I will send you a link to your private video within 48 hours.

If you are booking a Magic Reading, when massaging me, make sure to include 5 different days and times that work for you. I will let you know which 1 out of your 5 work for me.

  • By booking one of my energy work services (third eye activations or magic readings) you are agreeing to allow me to post our session online.
  • All readings and services except energy work (magic readings and third eye activations) are previously recorded and I will send you a private link via YouTube of your private reading within 10-15 business days after your payment was sent.
  • Energy work services (magic readings and third eye activations) must be live over the phone; FaceTime or Skype, etc. We must agree to a scheduled time and date that works for both parties. If you miss your appointment, I will send you back 50% of your deposit.
  • You must be 18 years or older to book one of my services or readings.
  • I reserve the right to decline, reschedule, or cancel any appointment for any reason.
  • I cannot control the messages that come through in readings, wether they are related to the topic you came to me about or not – I believe all messages that come through are meant to be heard. Please be prepared for this.
  • You are responsible for the decisions you make based on the information you consume. The decisions you make are based on your own choices and it’s your own responsibility. Understand how destiny can align you with the answers but it’s your free will wether you’re going to use that information to shape your life in a different way.
  • Just like anyone else, I see things through my own lens, my own perspective. You should and are encouraged to discern on your own based off the information you gather from my readings.
  • Regarding ANY FUTURE PREDICTION READINGS, this includes astrological readings: I believe certain experiences should happen organically. For example, if I “see” you getting proposed to very soon – I will not tell you this, as I do not want to ruin that experience for you. However, if you are seeing me specifically to see when you can expect to get married and/or have kids then that I would do for you. Each situation is different and will be handled as such.
  • By law I must state that these videos are for entertainment and any decisions made based on the readings are full responsibility of the individual, not me and my channel.