Book a reading

Please send me a message via Instagram or email (links above) and request for whatever reading you’d like. ALL readings are $50. When requesting for a reading please be sure to send the payment FIRST via Venmo (link is above).

I will then send you a private link via YouTube to your private reading. If you are requesting for a reading, please make sure to send the $50 via Venmo the day of. I only accept payments via Venmo at this time.

In your reading request, if you want to provide me with your first name that’s great! Otherwise I do not require any further information as I do not want it to interfere with your reading. I would prefer to only know your first name so I can address you properly but if you don’t want me to have that information either, I’m ok with that! Whatever makes you feel comfortable! The less information the better!

It’s a very straightforward process, all you have to do is send me a message with your specific reading request along with the $50 payment and I will respond with a confirmation within 24 hours. Please allow me a week (7 business days) to send back your reading.

If anything I say is confusing in regards to your personal reading, please ask me to clarify and I will, however any additional new questions (new questions that you did not originally ask me for in that reading) require another reading which is an additional $50 – please respect that. To do one reading requires a lot of energy, please understand this. Communicating with other realms is energetically exhausting to say the least and that’s what’s happening when I’m channeling.

***Full disclaimer, please read below***

I provide whatever messages come through from spirit. I cannot altar this in any type of way hence it is out of my control. I also do not stop the messages from coming in therefor I cannot tell you the timeframe of your reading. I can tell you that they usually range anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour but this may not hold true for your reading.

I want to put this out there because you may choose a personal reading regarding a matter of a deceased loved one and another message may come through that has nothing to do with the topic at hand however it’s another message your meant to hear from spirit and I cannot stop that nor would I want to. This happens with a majority of all my readings, so something more than likely will come up that may trigger you and you may get information on something else that you weren’t looking for in addition to the reading you chose. So please understand that you may get a little more than you wanted. Please do not get mad at the messenger…because you’ve been pre-warned.

The 7 business days turn around time does not begin until the $50 has been sent.

By law I must state that these videos are for entertainment and any decisions made based on the readings are full responsibility of the individual, not me and my channel.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read!