Book a reading

Request one of my readings or services by sending me an email! Link is above!

I do not start any readings/services until the payment has been sent in full and I have all the information I requested. I do not take partial payments.

I will then send you a private link via YouTube of your private reading which I previously recorded within 10-15 business days that your payment was sent. I only accept payments via ko-fi at this time, link can be found above.

If I do not reply to your initial email within 2-3 business days, this means I did not get your email for whatever reason. At this point please send me a message on Instagram (link above!)

If anything I say is confusing or unclear in regards to your personal reading, please ask me to clarify and I will, the same applies for any of my services, however any additional new questions (new questions that you did not originally ask me for in that reading) require another reading which is an additional payment. One reading requires a lot of energy as a channeler, please understand and respect this.

If you are booking a Magic Reading, make sure to include 5 different days and times that work for you. I will let you know which 1 out of your 5 work for me. Mornings are highly encouraged!