Providing you psychic consultation services.

Where your fantasies about healing can come to life again through magic, one crystal ball at a time…making the unbelievable, believable.

Making the paranormal experiences for all to see…

Through my magic readings, you will feel your past lives coming through your psyche…you will see memories, glimpses, get intuitive nudges, and knowings, and you will remember old portions of yourselves, while at the same time becoming activated. You will leave these readings, feeling magical.

I am here to help people remember their past lives, and their history as well as the collective history of humanity of the galaxy.

So what are my gifts and how can I help you?

I can help people get visions themselves.

I can bring spiritual paranormal phenomenon down into the physical plane and make it that abstract energetic experience, a physical paranormal phenomenon that we can all observe. How is this? As a psychic, I’m able to direct my energy to my clients, allowing them to connect to spirit themselves through channeling.

The way which one will channel will be unknown until we are in the reading as this is energy work. The most popular types of channeling people experience is clairvoyance (the ability to receive messages in the form of symbols and visions) and clairsentience (the ability to feel sensations or emotions that provide guidance.) The following would be clairaudience and then possibly trance channeling.

If I had to sum up what my gifts are, I would call myself an akashic records channeler but I can do so much more!

I’m psychic as well as a medium, who is clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and am capable to trance channeling. I use divination such as tarot and oracle cards but I do not need to. I also channel the cosmos; and I’m able to give channeled astrology chart readings.

But what makes me really stand out is my gift to help people channel. I can guide people into a deep meditative trance to a point where they begin seeing messages from spirit themselves. This can be through seeing their past lives or messages about their past lives from their spirit guides.

By doing this, I heal people by helping them recall. I can awaken you to an aspect of yourself that can take over your mind in a way that guides you towards healing.

This is past life regression without the hypnosis, where one is fully awake and conscious but with their eyes closed. How do I do it? These are my gifts I was born with in this life as well as many past lives. I do this without the hypnosis by enchanting you through guidance which brings you into a state of visualization while at the same time, feeling safe and protected.

Through these magic readings, I can make you discover your gifts and powers and higher goals and purpose through these visions.

I can awaken you to your psychic abilities which include third eye activations.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional when it comes to mysticism…I can look into your future by providing psychic readings through channeling tarot and oracle cards.

As a medium, I can communicate to deceased loved ones and relay messages from them to you.

I also create general tarot readings and psychic astrological monthly predictions for the collective on my YouTube channel. Links can be found above.

I create psychic and spiritual readings, as well as provide life changing healing services because it’s meaningful to me to help people heal. This is why I do what I do.

The worst thing anyone can do, is bring something to someone’s awareness which may be negative and then leave them there…I want to integrate your subconscious with your conscious to make you aware, so you can with free will make positive changes that align more with who you really are and not who you think you are. This way, life can become more ebb and flow and manifesting can become easier for you! I believe my services and readings can do that if not just provoke the thought. Everyone needs a catalyst in their story at some point.

Please click my link below to see my portfolio, to see if I’m the right fit for you!